Our Solutions: Electronic Signs for Buses


A new generation of Mobitec destination signs. SmartLED signs are 40% thinner and can be up to 50% lighter than MobiLED destination signs. This model gives transportation companies a sign that consumes less fuel and lowers operational costs due to its reduced weight and power efficiency. The compact design allows for more flexibility in the placement and installation of the signs inside vehicles. What’s more, the external frame has rounded edges on the sides.

Available in the LED SMD colors of amber and white, the SmartLED line efficiently manages energy consumption through a variety of power phases, including “standby” with its reduced consumption (0.2 mW). This gives the signs a longer useful life and allows them to operate with extended voltage from 9V to 36V (complete range).

The model also has an auto-diagnostic failure detection feature that helps the client easily inform technical assistance, using troubleshooting codes, as to the possible causes of any problems. As an option, the model may come with an LED error detection driver, which allows the failure recognition of individual LEDs.

Technical specifications
Technology LED SMD
LED Color White or amber
Angle of vision 120 degrees
Voltage Complete range
(9V and 36V)
Current consumption 1 a 5 amperes
Brightness Amber 3,500 cd/m²
White 5,000 cd/m²
Operating temperature -40°C to 75°C
-40°F to 167°F
Useful life Amber 70,000 hours
White 70,000 hours
Interface RS485
Editing software MIE