Our Solutions: Electronic Signs for Buses

SmartLED Multilinhas

SmartLED Multilinhas is an destination sign with SMD technology and a high level of quality that provides users of mass transportation with detailed information about routes and stops. Its panel was designed to be installed on the sides of buses entrance so that ridership can read the list of main stops on the vehicle’s route to facilitate their movement.

This model allows the stops to be written on a maximum of 8 rows being possible to use different sizes of fonts (5 to 19) in one same massage. The system operates along with the other signs on the vehicle using the same control unit, in addition, allowing programming through Mobitec MIE software.

Technical specifications
Technology LED SMD
LED Color White or amber
Resolution 60 lines / 100 columns
with 4mm between LEDs
60 lines / 150 columns
with 4mm between LEDs
60 lines / 200 columns
with 4mm between LEDs
Angle of vision 120 degrees
Voltage 12V to 24V
Operating temperature -40°C to 75°C
-40°F to 167°F
Presentation of Information 8 lines - font 6
7 lines - font 7
6 lines - font 8
Interface RS485
Editing software MIE